Empowering Women To Take Control of Their Financial Futures

“My greatest passion is to empower women by expanding their financial literacy and awareness.”


As the founder and CEO of Cinergy Financial, I’ve dedicated myself to one overarching mission – to help the American people, particularly women, become financially literate. I believe that financial literacy is a moral imperative, and I have devoted my life to helping people understand the constantly evolving financial and economic landscape.

When I began this work, the path was clear: Follow the 60/40 investment model with stocks and bonds and you should be fine. In the aftermath of the 2000 dotcom boom and bust, it was clear that the financial world had changed forever. What had worked for decades was not going to work anymore. I went to work finding another way, and I have spent the last twenty years of my life creating and refining the innovative REALM® investment model, which gives everyday investors access to alternative investments and institutional-level strategies.


cindy couyoumjian book signingIn my Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling book, Redefining Financial Literacy, my focus was on both expanding and redefining our understanding of financial literacy. My argument, powerful in its insight and far-reaching in its implications, was that our financial knowledge, coupled with investment strategy, required a broader understanding of the historical, political, and economic forces that impact how we plan and prepare for retirement.

In my new book, The Rise of Women and Wealth, I explore the history of women as a marginalized other in every aspect of society. Although women have made great progress toward greater social and political equality, much more must be done. One area where women continue to lag behind their male counterparts is financial freedom. Women continue to earn less than men and struggle to rise through the ranks of corporate America. This status quo needs to change and the first step towards greater economic freedom for women will be financial literacy.

“The path to financial literacy and independence is the path to personal freedom. For many people, and especially for women, taking control of your financial literacy means taking control of your life.”



cindy couyoumjian speaker and motivatorI do this work out of a deep personal commitment to support and educate those who are on their path to financial independence, especially women who are taking control of their finances and control of their lives for the first time. I believe that these kinds of reliable, forward-thinking investment strategies should be available to everyone, and I believe that everything begins with an authentic, empowering education in true financial literacy.

I pride myself as a hardworking financial advisor, mentor, and educator who does my work out of passion. I host workshops and seminars on financial literacy and alternative investments that have touched the lives of thousands of attendees, and in 2021 I was honored to become a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

If you are looking for a way forward, you’re in the right place. Now is your time.


Professional Bio

Cindy is the founder of Cinergy Financial. She believes that financial literacy is a moral imperative, which is why she has dedicated her professional life to helping people understand the constantly evolving financial and economic landscape.  With 36 years of Industry experience, Cindy, the Financial Advisor, holds eight securities licenses: a series 63, 6, 65, 7, 22, 24, 31, and 26) and a California Insurance License, #0719038.

In 2021, she authored her first book, Redefining Financial Literacy, and it achieved the coveted National Best Seller lists of the Wall Street Journal. The following year, 2022, she released her second book, The Rise of Women and Wealth, which landed her on the prestigious USA Today National Best Seller, and Amazon Best Seller for the Financial Service Industry. Next year, she plans to release a third book, The Silent Retirement Crisis and How to Achieve a Sustainable Retirement.

Cindy has become not only a leader in the financial industry, but also an innovator of an investment methodology that is aimed at keeping up with the ever-changing times.  She manages over $200,000,000 in assets. Cindy ranked number two amongst her peers within her broker-dealer in 2022.

In 2022, Cindy was a Bronze Stevie® Award winner in two categories: “Woman of the Year in Accounting and Finance” and “Female Thought Leader of the Year in Business.”  She was also a finalist for the Women of Inspiration Award in “The Universal Women’s Network.”  Also in 2022, Cindy was recognized as a Nominee in “The Orange County Business Journal” in two categories: “The Distinguished Leaders of Influence in Wealth Management” and “Women in Business.”

Her dedication and mission to empower with facts, not fear, has been heard and promoted through her appearances on NBC, CBS, and FOX 40, as a brand contributor with a Forbes Article in 2020, and through talk radio AM870 and 790 KABC.

Her dedication and commitment are unwavering as she continues to educate and guide her customers toward their individualized financial goals and objectives

Cindy Couyoumjian Nominated for two Awards in 2021 by Women in Asset Management