The REALM® Model

Retail Endowment Allocated Like Model “REALM”®

Mega brokers tend to be incredibly myopic. They focus on portfolios comprised mainly of stocks and bonds or just passive strategies. At Cinergy Financial, we expand and augment our clients’ portfolios by utilizing some of the Endowment Model philosophy consisting of three pillars – alternative, passive and tactical investment strategies. Our philosophy, better known as “REALM”, may include core investment classes comprised of real estate investment trusts, private credit, stocks, bonds, and absolute return funds. The endowment model strategy has historically outperformed traditional asset allocations*, and may help provide the possibility to protect against turbulent market cycles.

The REALM® Model Could Potentially Provide You The Following Benefits:

  1. Build Trust in the Financial Sector Providing Potentially Better Results with “5 Core Investments” versus “2 Asset Classes”
  2. Potentially Reduce Sequence of Return Risk Due To Less Volatility
  3. Potentially Provide Investors Higher Durable Income Sources (i.e., Safe Withdrawal Rates)
  4. Potentially Provide Equity-Like Returns With Bond-Like Volatility Based on Risk-Adjusted Returns
  5. Potentially Protect Investors from Things They Can’t Control Inflation, Taxes, and Government Intervention


* Source: Yale Endowment Report 1996-2015; Harvard University Financial Report1996-2015; The Stanford Management Company Report 1996-2015

Retail Endowment Allocated Like Model “REALM”® is a registered trademark of Cinergy Financial, inc. (US Registration Number: 5933810)