Redefining Financial Literacy

Unlocking the Hidden Forces of Your Financial Future


Redefining Financial literacy

“The question you must ask yourself is… How do I navigate through an economic and financial system which appears to be working against me? How do I protect myself and safeguard my future? The answer is financial literacy.” — Cindy Couyoumjian

***Wall Street Journal Bestseller***

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In her blockbuster Wall Street Journal bestseller, Cindy Couyoumjian exposes the hidden forces that have contributed to our current financial system in a way that will educate and illuminate all readers. She pulls together decades of meticulous research into an empowering call to action for everyday Americans that shines a bright light on “the hidden forces behind your money,” which are the unseen political and economic forces that may influence investment decisions.

Discover a deeper understanding and actionable insights into the complex retirement system, including pensions, social security, and the 60/40 investment model. Understand how a potentially impactful multi-asset-class investment methodology, known as the REALM model, may offer broader investment strategies aimed to mitigate risk from the hidden forces that may negatively impact your goals for retirement. Open your eyes to new investment possibilities and rediscover your confidence in the American dream.

In Cindy’s groundbreaking book, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the complex forces that impact your financial future
  • Redefine and expand your financial literacy
  • Take actionable steps to regain command of your retirement strategy
  • Build a retirement with potential durable income strategies, lesser volatility, and risk-adjusted returns
Redefining Financial Literacy Front cover

“Any woman looking to better manage her own retirement options and approaches needs to place Redefining Financial Literacy at the top of her financial reading list.”

D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer Midwest Book Review

“Any woman looking to better manage her own retirement options and approaches needs to place Redefining Financial Literacy at the top of her financial reading list.”

D Donovan, Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

“I am keeping the book on my desk as a handy reference. I would recommend the book Redefining Financial Literacy to fellow retirees and those nearing retirement who want new ideas to protect your future.”

Robert Fowler, President
Retirement Media Inc.

“Cindy Couyoumjian presents complex information in an easy-to-understand style that allows even the most financially unaware person to follow her guidance and instruction. Redefining Financial Literacy was not only an easy read, but it also presented me with actionable items to improve my personal finances for now and for the future.”

Mike McVay, President
McVay Media Consulting

“Step by step, Cindy Couyoumjian reveals the mysteries of how regular, working-class people can learn to save, invest, and plan for life-long financial security. This book empowers you to become comfortably educated with never before understood financial terms, words, initials, and strategies that will unlock the power of maximizing the long-term growth of your money.”

Ronelle Ingram
President, Emeritus, Business Technology Association,
and Best Selling Author
Redefining Financial Literacy Front cover