CEO Cynthia Couyoumjian, Cinergy Financial

CEO Cynthia Couyoumjian,
Cinergy Financial

CEO Cynthia Couyoumjian of Cinergy Financial is a pioneering figure in the financial services industry, known for her unique brand and identity. She questioned the traditional investment portfolio, sounding the alarm on the 60/40 investment model ahead of large banks. Her innovative REALM multi-asset investment model showcases her brilliance as a financial innovator. As a best-selling author of “Redefining Financial Literacy” and “The Rise of Women and Wealth,” Couyoumjian has made significant contributions to the field.

She has also hosted her radio program and will soon host a television show on financial literacy. Consistently ranked among the top five financial advisors in Orange County, Cindy is a passionate educator emphasizing the need for improved financial literacy in America. Her books serve as a call to action to enhance financial knowledge at both societal and individual levels.

Throughout 2023, she is hosting her own TV show about Retirement Strategies on NBC and CBS in Los Angeles and CBS62 (Detroit).

Her dedication and mission to empower with “facts, not fear” has been heard and promoted through her appearances on NBC, CBS, FOX 40, and KCAL9 (Los Angeles), a brand contributor with a Forbes Article in 2020, and talk radio AM870 and 790 KABC.


The role of the CEO is ever-shifting and ever-evolving, but one thing is constant: The role is demanding, encompassing, and takes a kind of moxie only a few have. Below, you’ll find a list of some visionary CEOs in Southern California along with insights and information about their careers.

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